Is it good to be women now?

Discrimination, running into giving birth to a kid, chance of failure, emancipation, general woman roles – career o family. These are only just few thoughts about when we are thinking of the employment of a woman.

Is it hard to stay on foot in the labor market as a woman in the 21st century?

I think it is good to be a woman in this time of period but only if we talk about the labor market of Europe and if we like the challenge what this career is holding for woman. Education now is more available so in the last few dozens of years woman could also enter to the leader positions in the labor market. We must say that we are talking about the labor market in Europe as in Africa and in Asia the situation is a bit different.

I have been in America in the last few years and I had the opportunity to see how it is the question of the discrimination works there. So I can make a short comprehension between USA and Hungary/ Europe.

We in the European Union with the equal opportunities policy we can be satisfied and with the public support, the only question that this long-term effective and sustainable. Not only Hungary but also in Europe significantly we are behind America and the American laws also if we compare the way of thinking of the people also their self-care skills.

In Hungary and in the European countries the social service still working incredibly well and people can count on the public care, which of course is good and humane thing, but on the other hand we (Hungarians or even if we talk about the Europeans) do not have the survival skills and the right management of the crisis as the American people. They primary not waiting for a help from their state, they have their own system and they behave more solidaric with others. Anyway woman can lose their femininity in the career fight. As in USA they have the chance to have a successful fight in the labor market for the leading positions.

If a woman really wants something she will achieve it. But we also should think about the politics. Why we can’t see so many women in the politics? Isn’t this strange? What can be the reason for this?

On the other hand why there are so many careers where we can’t find man? For example the teachers nowadays mostly woman. In USA they started to fill up the gaps of the free places with woman even in the engineering positions which would be really strange if that would happen in European countries.

So we should look around in the world a bit more to see the improving tendencies of the labor market. What do you think about these questions? What tendencies you have in your country?



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